Modern Love Encore | Marry A Man Who Loves His Mother

You can choose your significant other, but you can’t choose your in-laws. When free spirit Artis Henderson first met her future mother-in-law—a conservative church-goer—they didn’t exactly hit it off. But she never could have imagined the event that would bring them together.

Where Are They Now?

Artis Henderson still lives in her native Florida. We checked in with her, and began by asking her exactly how she met Miles.

“Miles and I met in a nightclub in Tallahassee, which is maybe the trashiest way to meet the love of your life,” she says. “It was called ‘The Late Night Library’ which is a good name for a nightclub, I think. We always swore we would tell people we met through mutual friends, which is what we did for a long time.”

It took Artis some time to adjust to military life. Things got better when she

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