Morli Wilcox makes her large canvas debut

Morli Wilcox makes her large canvas debut

Chaos theory expressionism reunites with downtown this Saturday.

Published Aug. 7, 2013

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The art of Morli Wilcox is rooted in origins — even down to the molecular basis of life itself. In juxtaposition, Wilcox will reveal her largest work to date this weekend, courtesy of a new workspace steeped with history.

Only a month after opening her studio in the North Village Art District, local artist Morli Wilcox returned to Jefferson City after 23 years to work as a promoter, general manager and booking agent for Jefferson City’s newest (and oldest) music venue, Moreau Lodge. The century old structure and historic landmark also houses Wilcox’s new painting studio.

“I’ve painted three pieces since I’ve been here,” Wilcox says. “That really doesn’t feel like a lot for me, but they’re larger — they’re more important pieces.

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