Nationally-recognized artist Ali Cavanaugh takes fresh approach with frescoes

Painter Ali Cavanaugh has a studio on the second floor of a downtown Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, building, which has made a name for itself as the first brick building ever constructed west of the Mississippi.

Inside “The Old Brick” house, Cavanaugh displays her talents, with clay fittingly at the core.

She’s made a name for herself with her modern fresco works, which are watercolor on a kaolin clay surface.

She credits daughters Niamh and Saoirse as muses who provide the mystique in many of her works. Niamh first provided a source of hidden emotions in her hyper realism that began in 2007, and Saoirse a fountain of angelic, dreamy qualities, in her latest chapter, an impressionism style she has personally coined “immerse.” It’s a new chapter she began in 2015, walking a fine line between reality and mirage, with sharp facial features sometimes bleeding into the peripherals, much like passing clouds

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