New art exhibit celebrates a natural palate

 The Art Gallery of Bancroft’s newest exhibit, The Presence of Nature, is a showcase of works by Ingrid Monteith and Donna Caldwell. The opening reception was held on June 7. 

Monteith has always had a passion for nature. She has used this passion to turn natural materials, such as driftwood and cedar roots, into unique pieces of art. 

Growing up in Northern Ireland, Monteith developed a love of the sea and wildlife. “Nature gave me a sense of peace and tranquility and timelessness,” she said.

She left Ireland due to the ethno-national conflict. 

“I didn’t want to stay in a country where neighbours became divided. Canada appealed to me from looking at photos of the beautiful scenery of the northern lakes and forests.” 

Monteith settled in Burlington to raise a family and teach. Her art was put on hold during that time. 

The creativity could not be stifled. Monteith began making lapidary jewelry as a hobby.

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