New Florida Art Academy Reflects the Rebirth of Classical Realism

At the Bossik Academy of Fine Art (, a new art studio in Delray Beach, Florida, students learn the drawing and painting methods used by the old masters like Rembrandt and da Vinci. Eric Bossik, an award-winning fine artist, started the academy to teach classical realism, a new and growing trend.

“I’m keeping the teaching style of the old master artists alive by modeling my art courses after their methods,” Bossik says.

Students who take courses at the Bossik Academy of Fine Art experience a teaching environment similar to that of the ateliers and academies in France and Italy.

“I give students one-on-one instruction,” Bossik says. “That’s the way it was done in the famous ateliers, which were essentially private art studios where master artists taught their students.”

To enhance this experience, Eric Bossik chose the trendy Artists Alley district in downtown Delray Beach as the location for his academy. Eric Bossik

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