New York abstractionists Jackie Saccoccio and Joanne Greenbaum bring a flair …

The exhibit’s title picks up on the unrepentant eye-candy dimension of both artists’ work. They put color through its paces, deploying it in veils and rainbows, blobby shapes and backlighted webs. Color glimmers through darkness, hovers, floats, flickers, seeps and spreads.

Both artists have achieved international exposure. Saccoccio spent the past year as an artist in residence at the American Academy in Rome; Greenbaum has had multiple shows in Europe, most recently at Greengrassi gallery in London.

Beyond alluring color and dramatic handling, both artist’s paintings attract for their freedom and lack of self-consiousness. Each borrows from past styles and movements, notably abstract expressionism and stain painting, to achieve highly individualistic results.

Saccoccio’s large and colorful paintings, each dominated by an explosive central mass, are made by pouring from 10 to 50 layers of paint on the canvas, and rotating it between pours.

Greenbaum’s approach also involves layering,

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