Niv Bavarsky’s Illustrations Journey To Alien Landscapes Beyond Our …

Niv Bavarsky‘s editorial illustrations take us to more familiar corners of the human animation: San Francisco’s SantaCon, Pokémon, the domed residences of our post-cataclysmic future and visual representations of anxiety. But his own drawings and paintings depict otherworldly scenes that feel genuinely alien, as if we are peering into another dimension that sits slightly outside our comprehension.

Bavarsky’s pieces often walk the line between illustration and abstract art, giving us landscapes and creatures with tenuous connections to our own reality. Even his “Mustard Valley” series, which was created for one of Giant Robot’s “Game Over” gallery shows, seems to be a video game from a somewhat askew universe. Bavarsky also frequently collaborates with Michael Olivo and Jesse Balmer, creating explosive images that are even stranger that what the artists create on their own.


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