One-Line Reviews: Pithy Takes on Trisha Baga, El Anatsui, and More

Once again, ARTINFO has sent its intrepid staff into the streets of New York, charged with reviewing the art they saw in a single (sometimes run-on) sentence. (To see our One-Line Reviews as an illustrated slideshow, click here.)

* El Anatsui, Broken Bridge II,” the High Line at 21st Street, through December 2013

Like the High Line itself, the Ghanaian artist’s largest work to date — a 157-foot-wide tapestry made from mirrors and corrugated metal panels that clings to the wall of a park-adjacent building like a winter blanket — recycles something forgotten and creates a monument to ingenuity in the process. —Julia Halperin

* Trisha Baga, “The Biggest Circle,” Greene Naftali, 526 West 26th Street, 8th floor, through January 12, 2013

At times Trisha Baga’s multi-sensory, three-dimensional video and sculptural installations incorporate the viewer as participant, while at other times the viewer is witness to an immersive, ethereal stream of

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