One Step Away: Film on homelessness is realistic, compassionate

I was struck immediately by the realism of “Time Out Of Mind.” It is blindingly accurate about the conditions, troubles, and the delusional behavior that accompany homelessness. It was an amazing journey for Richard Gere during which he experienced the streets of New York like he never experienced them before. Gere is a well-known actor, but there’s a scene in which he’s standing on a street corner in Manhattan begging for change and nobody recognizes him. They walked past him like they would any other homeless or shabby-looking individual.

Watching the movie could be slightly traumatizing to anyone who’s been through homelessness or very inspiring to anyone who has never been through this or seen anything like this. I think it should be required viewing for anyone who has aspirations for helping the homeless or who wishes to reach out to anyone who needs this kind

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