Otter Art at the zoo

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Updated: Tuesday, May 28 2013, 07:42 PM CDT
GULF BREEZE   —  The Gulf Breeze Zoo is a budding artist enclave these days.
A bit of “creature culture”.

They are cuddly, curious, chirpy, and artistic.
Move over Monet. Since March, Lucy and Grimace have been churning out tons of “Otter Art.”

Overall, they have a style that suggests a latter day Jackson Pollack.  But each bring something different to the canvas.  Grimace is into realism, Lucy’s more abstract.

“He’s a little more calm so he’ll get like the very defined prints and Lucy is a little more frantic.  She’ll have more of the tail swing and the sliding prints.”

Their keeper Christina Alconcel says they’ve sold more than 50 pieces of the pairs’ artwork, ranging from 20 to 50 bucks each.

“Proceeds go directly back to the otters and they save up for toys and treats.”
Like fresh shrimp, their favorite, and a keyboard. 

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