Our history: Paintings from noted artists hang in Enquirer office

Two still-life paintings that feature The Cincinnati Enquirer have been hanging in The Enquirer offices a long time.

The oldest is “Gone West,” painted in 1879 by Cincinnati artist Joseph Henry Sharp, who is most known for his portraits of Native Americans.

No information could be found about how the painting came to be in The Enquirer’s possession, though a nameplate on the frame includes the dates of Sharp’s life (1859-1953), suggesting it was a later acquisition.

The still life shows items associated with heading out West  — pocket knife, pipe, pistol, nature guide — and a folded-up Enquirer from May 17, 1879, with the headline “Gone West.” (The

Article source: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2018/05/16/noted-artists-made-enquirer-paintings/614017002/

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