Painter Dick Morrill talks about his years of making art

Painter Dick Morrill is preoccupied with history and politics. He has written that he hopes to “have unmasked at least some of the Devil’s messengers.” In his 86 years, he’s never wanted for material. “The only enemies I have are those who abuse power to take control of other people for greedy reasons,” says Morrill. His work can be seen at the gallery of RPI’s Chapel + Cultural Center.

Working in what he calls “figurative expressionism,” Morrill paints allegorical, often darkly funny works that skewer political people and situations. In his highly textured works, he contorts figures and faces, fleshing them out in bold black marks and planes of color. In his 2010 narrative painting, “The People’s Republic of Wall Street,” cartoonish bankers grab dollar bills falling from the sky, desperately stuffing their mouths with cash.

“Dick Morrill: Narrative and Portraits” is sort of a mini-retrospective. It shows his range, including works

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