Paintings capture landscapes of twin cities


RAWALPINDI, March 11: At the Rawalpindi Arts Council, a new exhibition opened on Monday, showcasing the work of Nabeela Rashid and Madiha Saeed, both students of RAC art classes.

The exhibition, “Psychedelic Spring,” will be open for two days.

According to Naheed Manzoor, the RAC is committed to encouraging young, new artists. “Showing the work of these two women is part of that effort,” she said.

Using watercolours, pencils, charcoal and oils, the two artists captured a uniquely feminine interpretation of the changing seasons in their landscapes, which focused on the old buildings and bazaars of Rawalpindi as well as the areas around the twin cities. “Nature always makes me want to paint,” said Nabeela Rashid.

Madiha Saeed, many of whose works used an overhead perspective, said that she chose uncommon angles in order to make her work more unique.

“This kind of view

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