Patricio’s riverine landscapes on exhibit

“AKO’Y Mangangawil Pang-ulam, Pangsaing”

VMeme Contemporary Art Gallery and Earth Day Network Philippines Inc., with Museo Maritimo and City Government of Malabon, are mounting the painting exhibit, “Kung sa Tambobong,” featuring works by artist Ernie Patricio, at VMeme Contemporary Art Gallery.

The traveling exhibit features Patricio’s watercolor paintings, found objects and installations depicting life around rivers and seas.

“The artist of these inquisitive works, having survived decades as an OFW and having battled stage 3 cancer, continues to portray our society’s current situation,” says curator Avie Felix.

In the artist’s words: “It’s ironic. The river that used to sustain human life for years can easily be forgotten by man. He doesn’t care if it dies or pollutes the sea, for as long as it’s useful for him, he will exploit it.”

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