Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant on dictators, dance music and staying ‘Super’

When Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the pop duo Pet Shop Boys began writing songs for their new album, it wasn’t with the intention of celebrating a milestone.

It was only later, says Tennant, that the musicians realized the 30th anniversary of their first album, 1986’s Please, was approaching. “I’m not being blasé about it,” he insists. “It’s amazing.” Or Super, as the new release, out April 1, is titled. He and Lowe recorded mostly  in Berlin, and the latter superlative is a favorite among Germans, Tennant explains. “Americans might even use it. In England, it sounds a bit 1960s.”

Tennant describes Super as a logical successor to Pet Shop Boys’ last outing, 2013’s Electric. “We’ve become electronic purists.” While that

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