Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant deserve to retire on their own terms

by Norman Chad

Since the 20th century, Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant have been among the greatest to play their games — Manning for 18 years in the NFL, Bryant for 20 years in the NBA.

They’ve been so good for so long, they’re often just referred to by their distinctive first names.

Well, Sports Nation wants Peyton and Kobe to step aside.

Both have been slowed by age and injury, neither is near his playing prime.

Manning, 39, was suffering through his worst season when he incurred a torn plantar fascia in his left foot Nov. 15; before and after the injury, many fans and media types were screaming for him to retire.

Bryant, 37, had injuries end his past three seasons, and after starting this season in the worst shooting slump of his career, many fans and media types were shouting for him to retire; on Nov. 29, he announced

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