Photo finish on canvas

Art and photography have, for long, been considered strange bedfellows by puritans. There are endless debates as to whether photography can be termed as art. The art fraternity has found itself divided in the middle while discussing if and how photography can find its way to canvases.

Masuram Ravikanth takes pride in stating that his father owned a photo studio in Warangal and those black and white negatives play a huge part in his artistic expression. Ravikanth’s new exhibition, Spandolika, which opened at Kalakriti, Trident, showcases wooden, rocking horses that were once part of childhood games. Earlier, Ravikanth brought to the canvas slivers of the past — Royal DictArt depicted portraits of royals; Romancing the Reminisces harked back to the 70s. “I came across 120mm bw negatives, 500 of them, from my father’s studio. These large negatives are rare to find. In them, I found interesting subjects that

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