Photographs offer a strange realism

layman.JPGView full sizeIsaac Layman
While most artists sequester themselves in a working studio, the photographer has historically reversed that equation, exploring the world to discover and capture images. Seattle photographer Isaac Layman, then, is an exception, because the images he’s created over the past decade have been shot exclusively within the confines of his home.

Layman’s subjects are, without variation, familiar and banal: a cabinet full of drinking glasses, the basin of a kitchen sink, books on a shelf, and so on. Still, he has wired these common sights with an off-kilter hyper-realism that makes them strange, even if the source of that strangeness is hard to pin down. Layman’s secret is that he never takes a single photograph, but rather hundreds, and uses a computer to stitch them together in exacting photo collages that scatter single-point

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