Pop-up gallery posts part-time Parkite’s photos

Click photo to enlargeJim Mangan, who splits his time between Park City and New York City, is a multimedia artist whose main focus is fine art photography that is shot on 35 mm and instant film.

He does commercial work as well, and sometimes creates short films to go with the photographs.

Park City residents and visitors can see some of Mangan’s photos at a pop-up TON Gallery, located at 201 Heber Ave., across the patio from Zoom and the Sky Lodge, through Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2.

TON is an acronym for “Time of Nothing,” the title of a recent project Mangan released this spring.

That full project is currently on exhibit at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the 2013 Utah Biennial exhibits.

“These pieces are an homage to abstract expressionism,” Mangan said. “Each work was shot over and around the Great Salt Lake, without any

Article source: http://www.parkrecord.com/scene/ci_23650810/pop-up-gallery-posts-part-time-parkites-photos

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