Popova is dancing a ‘primordial, cosmic dance’

Elena Popova is standing amidst her new solo exhibition, “Dreamlike,” composed of 13 monotypes. Works like “Dancing in the Dark,” “Tulips” and “Spur of the Moment” pulse with beating hearts and erupt with flower petals and cascade with calligraphic weaving, woven lines. The realism she once studied has morphed into something drenched with tactile sensations. There is both dynamism and cohesion, and narrative embedded in an electric palette. The activity fills the frame, yet retains a core.

“Now the thing is there is no such thing as a starting point in the practice of art, in my opinion. There is just the irresistible urge to start creating. For me these days it often starts in a dream, waking up with the irresistible urge to go to the studio.”

As an abstract artist, Popova is engaged with emotions and concepts as opposed to the strictly representational.  

“This is a process of

Article source: http://www.thetelegram.com/Living/Entertainment/2014-03-31/article-3670437/Popova-is-dancing-a-%26lsquo%3Bprimordial,-cosmic-dance%26rsquo%3B/1

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