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WWD tells us Christian Dior compared each collection to a new spring, giving way to “shoots” of new fabrics. But is that enough to draw such a bold comparison of fashion inspired directly by art? According to a new book published by Rizzoli USA, Christian Dior’s collections were influenced by one of history’s most beloved fine art movements: impressionism. But that’s not all the book purports. Not only was the original master of the feminine form a fan of Monet, Degas and Renoir, but his successors have been as well. Everyone from Galliano to Simmons have incorporated principles of movement, nature and muted colors into their collections for Dior. Right? The famous publisher of beautiful image-rich coffee table tomes isn’t asking you to take their word for it. No less than three experts in the world of fashion and art history came together to pen the book that includes over 150 images of Dior

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