Realism: An Exhibition @ The Gallery, Liverpool, until 28 Jun

Realism as an artistic movement is, by its nature, accessible, and free of artifice and romanticism. Featuring several British artists working within the genre today, a thoughtfully curated show at The Gallery Liverpool presents modern still life, hyperrealism and portraiture side by side, revealing the aesthetic variety of contemporary realism.

Merseyside’s own Steve Caldwell deals in highly detailed acrylic portraits, so photorealistic that they provoke the viewer to take second and third looks, just to confirm they’re not the work of a savvy Photoshop user. As if to challenge the naysayers, Caldwell has left some of the pieces unfinished, to show the process involved.

Matthew Stradling’s The Mothers is a breathtaking celebration of two identical middle-aged women, who stand naked and unapologetic. The artist’s masterful depiction of flesh and the human form is so intensely realistic, it’s unnerving.

Acclaimed figurative artist Sadie Lee’s skilful method of under-lighting her subjects – who are scantily

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