REEL LIFE: Noir at its best with Wilder in charge of film

One of my favourite genres is the short-lived film noir category, which roughly lasted through the 1940’s and petered out towards the end of the 1950’s.

It grew from the German expressionism period of the 1920’s and was compounded by the anxiety and cynicism that came out of Second World War.

Named by French critics who were describing the black-and-white Hollywood crime movies of the 40’s, this is a unique genre that captures a much darker, cynical and more vicious world than most other films from this period.

Many of these movies are set during the steamy and sweltering heat waves of Los Angeles and there is no better time to watch them than on a hot summer’s night.

I will be reviewing a few motion pictures from this genre in the next few months and the first movie that I will discuss is one of the greatest, if not the quintessential film noir,

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