Resident artists showcased at Downriver Council for the Arts Exhibit

The Downriver Council for the Arts launched its first resident artist exhibit, Home Grown, on March 16, celebrating hometown artists at the James A. DeSana Center for Arts and Culture.

The DCA, home to nine artists in residence at its historic location, 81 Chestnut, Wyandotte, provides incubator space for local talent, from handmade artisanal chocolates to mixed media creations.

As the dulcet tones of Michael Mullen’s Celtic harp filled the second floor exhibit area, Executive director Erin Suess said their first ever Homegrown Exhibit, which runs through March 31, is a good way to showcase their resident artists all at once.

“We’ve got musicians, we’ve got print makers, fine artists with the oils and watercolors, a filmmaker, and chocolateers, so it was kind of neat to be able to bring everyone together,” Suess said. “They are all represented in some way, shape or form, and it was just cool to do.”

Suess said she

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