Rhythm of Reality displays abstract landscapes

A 12 day solo exhibition of the recent works of eminent Indian artist Ganesh Haloi titled “Rhythm of Reality” is going on at Bengal Shilpalaya Hall of Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts. For the art lovers of the country, it is a special treat, since the reputed abstract artist has displayed simple yet stunning artworks that are unique and thought provoking.

Haloi was not always an abstract painter, his journey as an artist began with painting figures in landscapes, gradually, he moved towards creating landscapes and finally he found his true splendor in abstract exposé of landscapes.

At the ongoing exhibition, the gifted painter has on display a staggering 67 artworks, for a charitable cause. This is the artist’s first solo exhibit in the country and all the money collected will be funding for establishing an Art Centre in his birth district of Jamalpur.

Article source: http://www.dhakatribune.com/arts-amp-culture/2013/sep/03/rhythm-reality-displays-abstract-landscapes

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