Richard Diebenkorn’s Berkeley Paintings Light Up The De Young Museum …

Capturing the ethereal glow of the Bay Area is no easy feat. Richard Diebenkorn succeeds where many before him have failed, translating the atmospheric haze of Berkeley, California into paint. An exhibition entitled “The Berkeley Years, 1953-1966,” revisits Diebenkorn’s affair with the intellectual oasis.

richard diebenkorn

Although he was born in Portland, Diebenkorn was the virtual opposite of the stereotypical Portlandia-esque artist. As Michael Kimmelman described in Diebenkorn’s obituary: “Prone to wearing corduroys and button-down shirts, he had a professorial, studiously unbohemian manner that was the very antithesis of the cliche of the slick SoHo artist and entrepreneur.

Independent in his life and work, Diebenkorn was known for switching artistic styles, moving from Abstract Expressionism to lyrical figuration and back again. His work reveals its own thinking process, the indecisive brushstrokes only adding to the impossibly perfect final piece. “I want a painting to be

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