Rockmore exhibit at LASM puts focus on arts patron Shirley Marvin and love of …

One of Noel Rockmore’s paintings leaned lightly against a wall, unassumingly looking up at passersby from its spot on the French Quarter sidewalk, when Shirley Marvin walked nearby sometime in 1961 or 1962.

“It was a small gallery, and the painting was leaning against the outside wall,” Marvin remembers. “And I just liked it. I asked about it, it was unsigned, and (the owner) said ‘well, there’s an artist who used to live upstairs, but now he’s working with Larry Borenstein if you want to get to him.’ I think he sold (the painting) to me for $30.”

It was an inauspicious start, but the chance encounter with the painting, relatively small and showing a child in an abandoned car, sparked a decades-long relationship and a lifelong journey for Marvin and her family. Noel Rockmore has only recently been discovered for what he truly was — an unacknowledged master living

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