Rosario Dawson on Playing a Feminist Icon

The Puerto Rican, Cuban, African-American, Native American, and Irish actress takes on the role of Dolores Huerta (“a feminist before feminism was even a word”) in Diego Luna’s just-released Cesar Chavez biopic.

Rosaria Dawson Ocean Drive

It’s early afternoon on an especially sunny day, and Rosario Dawson is just getting into the swing of things. She was out late last night with friends and her younger brother, Clay, carousing in her old Lower East Side Manhattan stomping grounds. The highlight was a stop at a karaoke bar called Boho, where she belted out a mean version of “Bat Out of Hell.” Meatloaf is her karaoke go-to—“‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ and those long, epic songs are just so outrageous,” she says.  

It’s been quite an epic ride for Dawson: It was 20 years ago that she was discovered by Larry Clark and Harmony Korine just a few blocks away

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