Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: Still Life Left In The Old Dogs

We’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S4 out for a while now, and so people still holding onto their Galaxy S2s will be getting ready to make an upgrade. Is it worth jumping straight to the Galaxy S4, though? What about that giant of 2012, the Galaxy S3?

It’s a big phone – 135g and 136×70.6×8.6mm. Some people have to scoot this device around to get their thumbs into the far corners of the screen, which can be a hassle. The Galaxy S2 is 116g and measures just 125.3×66.1×8.5mm.

The Galaxy S3’s screen is much better than the Galaxy S2’s. It’s got a 1280x720p resolution compared to 800x400p. However, the Gorilla Glass 2 in the Galaxy S3 isn’t much better than the GG1 in the Galaxy S2. We’ve seen the tests in which the Galaxy S3 shattered just as easily as the iPhone 4S, which is cased in GG1. However, just

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