Sanford Gifford’s scenic landscapes on view at Cedar Grove

Sanford Robinson Gifford – Twilight in the Catskills, 1861; oil on canvas 27 X 54 in.; Yale Univ. Art Gallery, Gift of Joanne and John Payson in memory of Joan Whitney and Charles Shipman Payson, class of 1921, and in honor of Joan Whitney Payson, BA 2009, 2007.178.1

If you have been reading our columns long enough, then you know how fond we are of the 19th century Hudson River School of Landscape Art. Many geologists share our enthusiasms; those fine old artists captured their landscapes in a way that strikes a chord with all of us. We look at their paintings and our hearts beat as one with theirs.

We have been longtime members of Cedar Grove: the Thomas Cole Historic Site. It is devoted to the study of this art. Have you been there? Let’s give you a good reason to go.

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