Scott Massey: Let’s Reach c Together explores science and realism


Let’s start with a confession and a possible disclaimer. The ideas behind Scott Massey’s new exhibition at the Charles H. Scott Gallery seem intimidating—even before you see the work. The show’s paradoxically cozy subtitle, Let’s Reach c Together—“c” denoting the speed of light—and the accompanying media release, which is also the curatorial essay, promised an exploration of concepts far beyond our ken. Among the inspirations for Massey’s sculpture, photographs, and videos are quantum theory, “Planck’s constant”, and the science and history of both astronomy and photography. Eek.

When you actually walk through the show, however, it becomes clear that you needn’t have scored an A in high-school physics to access what you see. Massey has created enough visual (and aural) intrigue to draw us into

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