Second Saturday: Ingeborg Carroll shows paintings at The Nest

The new show of art on display for August at The Nest restaurant at the Wild Wings Golf Course will feature the works of Ingeborg Carroll.

A second Saturday “Art at The Nest” reception will be held Saturday August 10, from 6 to 8 pm. Appetizers will be provided, beer and wine available for purchase, and small gourmet plates will also be offered for purchase.

“I was born in Hamburg, Germany, and came to Los Angeles as a young adult, where I met my husband. After moving to Davis, I rekindled my interest in art, using oil paints as a medium, which allowed me a lot of flexibility with the way I paint.

I get my inspirations mostly from color and shapes, but also from nature, such as trees, flowers and clouds, and since we do a lot of traveling, a lot of what I see and experience, gets translated

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