Seeing Round Corners: The Art of the Circle review – the joy of life in the round

A circle is itself, pure and simple, but a world of other things too: a bubble, an eye, a planet, the sun. Casually drawn on a scrap of paper, it can be a hole, a halo, a ring or the Earth itself. Since the dawn of mankind we have been looking with wonder at the full moon in the night sky and the coloured discs in each other’s eyes. The lure of the circle is ancient and infinite; it is surely the most potent of all natural symbols.

It also turns out to be the ideal theme for a show, or at least for a show as well curated as this. Seeing Round Corners is the work of two artists, Jonathan Parsons and David Ward, who have thought very deeply about every aspect of the circle, from its irreducible beauty to its comforting

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