Sewing Machines and Impressionism

Roughly half of my teaching career was spent teaching French, oh là là. I loved it and had the best students in all the world in my classes. I had a class schedule with a different focus for each day and Thursday was for culture. My favorite culture days were those we spent learning about Impressionism. I was so crazy about Impressionism I even got an NEH grant to study women impressionists, my favorites. As a result when I saw the Art Institute of Chicago’s “Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity” exhibit advertised I immediately wanted to go, tout de suite! Imagine how my love multiplied when I viewed the show and realized it tied together fashion, sewing machines and Impressionism.

I love my sewing machines, some even have names. In my collection there are treadle machines just for fun of it. One was a child’s which I purchased for my daughter, for

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