Shaking up dated still-lifes and injecting new vigor

Still-life painting seems dated today, but Wang Yuhong creates updated still-lifes using photography, printing and brush strokes that bring together memorabilia, bamboo, fans, blue-and-white porcelain, biscuit tins and vintage comic books.

“I even don’t know what to call these art pieces,” Wang said.

In one series, she photographs a cluster of objects, leaving white spaces on folding fans, which she later fills with her own decoration and calligraphy.

She prints the photos on German rice paper that is uniform in texture and somewhat rigid. She illustrates the fans with texts, flowers, birds or scenery.

She blurs the boundaries among different media, such as photography and ink wash and challenges traditional concepts.

“I create things that were deeply etched in my memory as I grew up,” she said.

“I am a proponent of technique, which may go against today’s anti-technique trends. In my view, the dividing line between traditional and contemporary is concept, rather than form or

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