Shell Game subverts the large, the public, and the heroic

Think small but smart. I’m talking about a new exhibition of collages by Natasha McHardy and drawings by Marina Roy, and also about the venue, Wil Aballe Art Projects. Aballe’s gallery is located in a compact studio apartment in an artists’ live-work building in Mount Pleasant. The place is also his home. Despite limitations of space and time (he has an unrelated day job), Aballe has shown some very accomplished artists since he opened his doors in January (for address and hours, go to In addition to collecting and exhibiting art, he publishes limited-edition prints, and is about to launch two lithographs by Jeff Ladouceur.

Concept-driven artists who are good friends and who, since 2003, have often collaborated on performance-based videos, Roy and McHardy are showing individual works on paper and vellum that nonetheless play off each other in provocative ways. Many of McHardy’s collages look like miniature theatres

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