Sleeping Weazel premieres Charlotte Meehan’s ‘Real Realism’

The characters are listed as A, B, C, D, and E, although they have names that pop up later. The time is “Now. Or any time. Some time.” And the place: “Something makes you think you’re in a room, but it’s fleeting.”

The characters, including a 10-year-old boy, are caught in a sort of cosmic treatment center, where they’re meant to work on their issues. They talk to, at, and past each other, poetic and snarky and angry by turns. Non sequiturs and New Age platitudes tumble out all over (“You have to choose to be a happy camper”). Arguments eventually turn to physical violence, and someone pulls a gun.

This is Charlotte Meehan’s “Real Realism,” which gets a world-premiere production from Sleeping Weazel
at the Factory Theatre through June 8. Linear plot? Forget about it. Tumult and absurdity are at the heart of Meehan’s vision, and it’s

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