Spring in Danubiana

Peter Pollág is the author of the Danubiana emblem, and also of the sculpture called Danube Wings at the tip of the peninsula which welcomes visitors. This year, he turns 60, and this, together with the 20 th anniversary of his intense career, is the reason for the exhibition.

The current one, called Europa Domus Pacis and curated by Mária Horváthová, is an overview of his paintings and sculptures spanning two decades. His biggest piece of art – a painting representing a map of Europe re-created on the floor of the gallery’s main hall – also marks the 100 th anniversary of the end of World War I and stresses the crucial importance of peace in lives of individuals as well as whole nations.

Who is Peter Pollág?

Influential and renowned contemporary artist, Pollág is an excellent colourist, while also using bold gestures to capture attention. “However, a closer

Article source: https://spectator.sme.sk/c/20803264/spring-in-danubiana.html

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