Springs museum showcases the works of Bunnell

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Early 20th-century painter Charles Bunnell learned all the rules, and then deliberately broke them.

For instance, “Contrasts” is one of his early pieces from 1928. Pikes Peak looms largely in the background, in hues of purple and green, and in the foreground, a row of houses decorates the spacious fields. The painter’s brushstrokes are clear and deliberate, and give a sense of movement to the environment.

That early work lies in direct contrast to a much later landscape — “Abstract Cityscape,” in 1951. Bunnell translates a city skyline into sheer abstraction, with just a hint of the tall buildings disguised as jagged rectangular shapes in dark rust and forest green shades. Unlike “Contrasts,” the subject of the painting is almost unrecognizable.

In a new Fine Arts exhibit, “Charles Bunnell: Rocky Mountain Modern,” is up at the Fine Arts Center and runs through Sept. 15. It’s part of the

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