Stephen Waddell’s Dream Location peers into the curious business of creativity

When artists act as curators, they usually bring a new set of perceptual tools to the construction of exhibitions. At the same time, they may give us highly personal insights into the curious business of creativity. Such possibilities are niftily realized in Stephen Waddell’s Dream Location, a show of photographic and photo-referenced works on view at Presentation House Gallery. An acclaimed photographer who, not incidentally, started out as a painter, Waddell has assembled a select group of historical and contemporary images to illustrate his ideas. Dream Location demonstrates the ways artists across a number of disciplines—painting, sculpture, and video, as well as photography—may employ the camera to disrupt and thus expand their established practice. What we see is photography used not so much as a means of making an image but rather as a vehicle for thinking through an image—and emerging on its other side.

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