Still life

25 still-life works from the Gallery’s collection

Ricky Swallow Killing time 2003–04 and John Passmore Poppies, fruit and skull 1953

A new exhibition focusing on still life and its various iterations through the 20th century to the present day will showcase a selection of paintings and works on paper from the rich, extensive holdings of still-life works in the Gallery’s collection.

Featuring works by some of Australia’s most famous and popular artists, the 25 works chart the continuous development and re-presentation of the still life in Australian art, allowing comparisons between individual works and more broadly between different periods and styles.

The range of paintings includes significant still lifes by George W Lambert and Arthur Streeton, which have not been exhibited for decades. Margaret Preston’s modernist approach is also featured and a work by Margaret Olley, renowned for her still-life and interior subjects, is also included, said Wayne Tunnicliffe, head curator, Australian art.


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