Still Life

Dir/scr: Uberto Pasolini. UK-Italy. 2013. 87mins

A mannered and rather familiar dark comedy-drama, Uberto Pasolini’s attractively structured British-set film is given life and depth by a striking performance by Eddie Marsan as a solitary man who works doing a rather usual job, and who is given a glimpse of what his future could be when he finds himself out of a job when his department is downsized.

The film is very much centred around Eddie Marsan’s restrained and highly watchable performance.

Directed in a rather static manner – which helps the astute production design, costumes and location, but means it lacks a certain energy – Still Life is littered with engaging and entertainingly oddball moments, though in the end its lacks the poignancy it is aiming for, and rather shoots itself in the foot with a misjudged final

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