Still-life of Essex town defined as most Eurosceptic in country

It was for her daughter Essie’s future that Clare Whetlor decided six months ago to move to be with her family in Clacton-on-Sea, the seaside resort town on the Essex coast. “She’s two. Where we used to live, the majority of children did not speak English as a first language so we felt that would have an impact on her education,” Whetlor says, on the promenade beside Clacton pier.

Like a large majority in the area, she voted to leave the European Union in the referendum last Thursday, an unsurprising result considering Clacton has become known variously as the most Eurosceptic town in Britain and “Brexit-on-Sea”.

With an ageing population that is 95 per cent white and British, the town has the only elected Ukip MP in Douglas Carswell and 16 councillors from the party. The district of Tendring, where Clacton is located, returned a majority of just under

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