Still Life Still "In Enemies" (video)

Toronto’s Still Life Still give it up for grandma in the nurturing and nostalgic new video clip for their upcoming Mourning Trance LP’s “In Enemies.”

The clip kicks off with a gem-wearing granny gazing deeply into a framed photo of the band, which apparently transports her into a Hilarious House of Frightenstein-styled dimension of cornball post-production effects to offer cookies, juice boxes and blankets to the appreciative music crew. There’s also a peek into her past via some faux-vintage footage of her, or rather a drag version of her, bouncing balls at a beach party and watching the Hindenburg disaster with a corndog in hand. She’s led a crazy life, that one.

Check it out below via Under the Radar.

As previously reported, Still Life Still’s new LP arrives August 20 through Arts Crafts.

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