Still Life Still Kick Out the Fears on "In Enemies"

Still Life Still

The first single off of Toronto band Still Life Still‘s sophomore album, Mourning Trance, is appropriately titled “In Enemies” because we can see it being that perfect tune to accompany an ill-advised, hate-fueled makeout session with any equally spiteful ex. Kicking off with a frantic, Strokes-esque build, the song careens into driving verses riddled with cryptic, ominous lines like “Your skin pearls and bones /Your anemones die alone,” and then crests into the sneering, sing-sing chorus: “No need to worry about it /I’ll make you unsure of anything .”

But alas, the song’s not about revenge sex at all. “It’s about the wild side of life, how control is an illusion,” says guitarist/vocalist Brendon Saarinen. “How anything can happen, good or bad. We hope it can help people kick the habit of fear.” We’re not sure if “In

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