Still not a wallet, NFC has a second life as a safe, simple pairing tool

NFC, or Near Field Communication, radios may be better device pairing tools than they are digital wallets. At least, that’s how it appears based on how people are using it. The technology gained some awareness as the wireless radio behind Google Wallet in 2011 but is seeing more success in the market as a simple way to wirelessly connect two devices.

HID Global, NFC

I was reminded of that by Samsung’s newest product announced on Thursday.

The company claims to have the first NFC-enabled color laser printer and multi-function printers. Instead of needing a direct wired connection to the printers or looking for them on a network, you can simply place your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet on the printer to pair the two. Print data is then sent wirelessly through Wi-Fi Direct. You can even scan a document and send it electronically back

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