‘Superheroes: The Art of Alex Ross’ in Paris


In 1938, the first American comic books, Action Comics were published. The 10-cent comic featured a man in a red cape with superhuman strength. Superman was the first character that possessed abilities greater than any human could hope to achieve. This invincible man in tights set the stage for more amazing comic book characters such as Batman, Human Torch, Green Lantern, Spider Man and Wonder Woman with her magical, golden lasso to name a few. Superheroes were what kid’s dreams were made of, and something that Alex Ross aspired to create.

The Mona Bismark Center in Paris presents Superheroes: The Art of Alex Ross from March 5 to June 15, 2014. The exhibition highlights 75 works including Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, by the renowned comic-book illustrator, Alex Ross. The exhibition will follow Ross’s career from his start at Marvel to his current

Article source: http://guardianlv.com/2014/02/superheroes-the-art-of-alex-ross-in-paris/

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