The Age of Impressionism Satisfies as an Ensemble, Not Because of Star Paintings

Some shady ladies and gentlemen are reported to refer to certain parts of their persons as their “moneymakers.” When it comes to art museums, the term could just as well be applied to Impressionist exhibitions.

 Mind you, I’m not suggesting any moral judgment or equivalency here, but they’re the art museum version of the Nutcracker ballet: frothy and beautiful, if a little overexposed, and sure to pack ’em in at almost any price — especially at holiday time. The word “Impressionist” should really be printed in green in all art museum publications.

It sometimes seems as though every French Impressionist painting in the world will one day pass through Houston. Just think where we’ve had them from within living memory: Boston (2001); Washington, D.C. (2002 and 2011); New York (2007); Moscow (2002); Copenhagen (2002); and Paris (2003). And now, with “The Age of Impressionism: Great French Paintings from the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute,”

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