The art of landscape painting


The art of painting a landscape—of perfecting one’s depiction of the golden tint a mid-day sun might cast on blades of spring grass, of capturing the beauty of movement as the ripe autumn harvest sways in the afternoon wind—has been integral to artistic creation for centuries, possibly even millennia. 

Landscape artists in the past either enrolled at an academy, studied under a master or honed their skills in an atelier. For today’s artists, there is also the workshop. Artists and art enthusiasts in the Capital are currently attending a 10-day workshop on landscape painting at the Gallery Mcube, Chakupat.  The workshop, which began on January 6 and will end on the 16th, will culminate in an art exhibition which will begin at the gallery premises on January 18. Noted cultural expert and historian Satya Mohan Joshi will be inaugurating the exhibition.

From Pieter Breughel, Claude Monet and Vincent Van

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