The Art Of Life: Claes Oldenburg At MOMA

The sculptor Claes Oldenburg was born in Stockholm but grew up in Chicago, went to Yale and came to New York in 1956, where he became a key player in the pop art movement — the major counter-reaction to the abstract expressionism that dominated the 1950s. So much for art history.

Although Oldenburg is a serious artist, probably no artist in history ever created works that were more fun. In a new show at the Museum of Modern Art — really two shows — practically everyone, including myself, was walking through the galleries with a huge grin.

Though some of the images are unsettling: In the first and scarier part of the exhibit, the objects are from Oldenburg’s 1960 shows called The Street — images inspired by his living on New York’s Lower East Side. These are figures and objects, many of them suspended from the ceiling, made out of

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